Sahra Mogorovich

Safe Space Legal Child Safety and Safeguarding
Graduate Lawyer
Experience JD, GDLP, BSW, BHS

Professional Experience

Sahra commenced her career as a social worker in 2010 working for Berry Street Victoria as a case manager for children in residential care. In her role she was responsible for the day-to-day management and support of young people which included building relationships with them, transporting them to and from appointments, supporting their relationships with family, coordinating and referring to services, providing support in family division and criminal division legal matters, and crisis management. At this time, Sahra also worked casually for the Reach Foundation as sessional social worker. In her role she would attend programs and support young people in crisis by offering mental health first aid and crisis counselling support. In 2013 Sahra moved across to the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing as a Child Protection Practitioner. In her time at the Department, she worked across a number of different areas in case contracting and case management as an advanced practitioner, senior practitioner and team manager. Her various roles required her to statutorily engage children and families to address protective concerns to ensure the wellbeing and safety of children and young people and to support families to remain together.

In 2021 Sahra commenced as the court officer within the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing. The role is a hybrid social work and legal role which required her to provide practical support in the court space, while also provide advice, training, mentoring and feedback to practitioners and court users. In mid-2023 she commenced working in the Child Protection Litigation Office as a solicitor where she manages a number of matters in the Children’s Court while also providing legal advice and support to child protection practitioners. Sahra works casually for Safe Space Legal as a lawyer, commencing in February 2023. In her role she undertakes legal drafting and has an integral role in writing articles on important and current legal issues.

Why do you work at Safe Space Legal?

“My entire career has been dedicated to protecting children and ensuring that they experience safety and security so that they can thrive. While I have predominately worked in Child Protection, I recognise that children can endure trauma outside of their homes by people who are employed and entrusted to keep them safe and not expose them to harm. Working at Safe Space Legal allows me to address issues of child safety holistically.
I enjoy that both my social work and legal experience are both valued and utilised when working at Safe Space Legal. The unique work that the firm engages in means that we aren’t just looking at problems from a legal perspective, but from a humanistic, ecosystemic and psychosocial perspective so that risk issues can be addressed at an organisational and individual level. Safe Space Legal also makes me feel like I am doing legal work with a greater purpose because we can work with vulnerable people to address human rights issues and right wrongs which they endured.”

Fun fact/outside interests

  • When I am not at work you can probably find me at the gym or running.
  • I have two samoyeds named Floss and Theo, and as annoying as they are, I couldn’t imagine my household without them.
  • I have a terrible sweet tooth and if it was acceptable to eat cake for dinner I totally would.
Sahra Morogovich safe space legal

  • Bachelor of Social Work/Bachelor of Human Service (2009)
  • Juris Doctor (2021)
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (2022)
  • Supreme Court admission (04 April 2023)

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