Mandatory Reporting Training

We equip organisations with the training and compliance assistance to meet mandatory reporting requirements.

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Legal expertise with up-to-date education allows your organisation to adeptly navigate mandatory reporting obligations.

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Comprehensive in-person and online training that suits your organisation’s budget, ensuring hassle-free compliance with mandatory training requirements.

Compliance Assurance

Stay ahead of mandatory reporting requirements with our training programs, guaranteeing that your organisation consistently meets compliance standards.

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Building a Safer Environment - Mandatory Reporting Training

Our comprehensive mandatory reporting training modules are designed to empower your team to become skilled mandatory reporters. Our online and in-person training can be delivered to staff working in early childhood education, government and non-government schools, councils and any other organisations employing mandatory reporters.

You’ll gain valuable knowledge on your legal obligations in relation to child protection, recognising indicators of harm, and as well as other other obligations related to reporting. These modules will ensure that your staff can recognise the signs of child abuse and neglect and can report concerns correctly. With a focus on protecting children, our courses cover all aspects of safety.

Protecting Children, Young People & Vulnerable Individuals With Mandatory Reporting Training

We work with a variety of organisations to ensure legal obligations are met, providing clear instructions on how to identify children or other vulnerable persons who are at risk of abuse or harm.

We equip all mandatory reporters on your team with the required skills and awareness to recognise, report and respond to incidents involving children and vulnerable individuals.

We work with a variety of groups across Australia, including:

  • Early childhood professionals
  • Family services
  • Aged care centres
  • NDIS providers & the disability sector
  • Government school staff
  • Non-government school staff
  • Community organisations
  • Councils
  • Sporting and recreational professionals

Our training course can be delivered as online learning, and we ensure your staff have access to all resources required to complete their training successfully. We will work with your organisation to ensure all aspects of education are provided and that skill gaps are met with the correct level of training.

Mandatory Reporting Training and child safety training
Children and young people are inherently vulnerable to abuse and harm.  Children have a right to feel safe and be safe in all environments.  Exposing children and young people to abuse and harm may cause long-term trauma and impact their growth and development.  Organisations must take active steps to comply with their duty of care to mitigate risk of harm.

Our Services

Policy Development

We assist you in creating comprehensive safeguarding policies that are legally sound and practical for your organisation.

Procedure Implementation

Drafting policies is the beginning of effective safeguarding. We guide you through the process of effectively implementing these policies within your organisation.

Training and Education

We ensure that your staff and volunteers understand their safeguarding obligations. We offer tailored training and educational programs including induction and ongoing training to upskill staff, volunteers, board members and executive management in child safety and safeguarding .

Compliance Audits

Regular audits are essential to ensure that your safeguarding policies and processes remain effective and up-to-date. We conduct thorough assessments to identify areas for improvement.

Legal Support

Our lawyers provide legal advice and representation to ensure compliance with regulators including responding to enforcement action so that we can support our clients to improve their safeguarding capacity.

Crisis Management

In the event of a critical incident, our legal team is here to provide support, guidance, and representation as needed.
Safe space legal children and young people

Empowering Your Organisation With Mandatory Reporting Training

Comprehensive Training Courses

Our online learning modules cover legal obligations, child protection, and recognising signs of abuse or neglect. Most importantly, our training ensures your team has the skills to know when and how to report effectively. Resources can be accessed at a time convenient to your team, with a certificate provided upon successful module completion.

Who Benefits?

Tailored for educators, family service staff, youth workers and council staff, our courses equip mandatory reporters in government and non-government settings. Our training benefits your team in terms of your organisation’s professional development by ensuring legal compliance, but most of all – our training will help protect children, young people, and other vulnerable individuals in your organisation.

Dedicated professionals have created each module we offer with a wealth of experience and a commitment to protecting children and vulnerable people. You can feel assured about the quality of the courses we offer and that the courses meet all relevant legal and compliance benchmarks.

Our training aligns with legislatoin, ensuring you fulfill your responsibilities in creating a secure environment where your employees have the skills and confidence to know when and how to report. We can also tailor education modules to meet the needs of your organisation.

Why Collaborate With Us?

We are passionate about safeguarding children and vulnerable people and creating a child safe culture in organisations. We believe we can foster a culture of responsibility, knowledge, and protection, contributing to a safer space for all. Our user-friendly online learning system lets you conveniently access professional resources and courses.

Our module will not only assist your staff in identifying child abuse and neglect but also in communicating with other agencies. We’ll explain the responsibilities of mandatory reporters, how information sharing needs to take place and ensure your workplace has a clear system to protect children and vulnerable people in your care.

On completion of training, your staff will be presented with a Certificate. For further information about our online Mandatory Reporting Training, please get in touch with us.

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