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Safe Space Legal specialises in conducting independent and trauma-informed safeguarding investigations. Our meticulous approach ensures a comprehensive examination of safeguarding concerns, providing clients with actionable insights they need to make decisions and take active steps to protect children and vulnerable people


Safe Space Legal has extensive expertise in conducting child safety and safeguarding investigations. We support organisations to manage sensitive investigations and conduct investigations within complex regulatory frameworks to ensure investigations are conducted in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our experienced team understand best practice in safeguarding, ensuring our investigations are trauma-informed and procedurally fair. All our investigators are experienced lawyers with current legal practicing certificates, who have also attained or are working to attain the Certificate IV in Government Investigations.

Thorough and Meticulous Investigations

Safe Space Legal is renowned for its meticulous yet efficient approach to safeguarding investigations. Our commitment to thoroughness means that all aspects of an allegation are carefully scrutinised, from evidence gathering and witness interviews to data analysis and legal compliance. Clients can trust that our investigations will provide them with a comprehensive view of the concerns enabling them to make informed decisions and implement effective safeguards

Trauma-Informed and Procedurally Fair Investigations

Safe Space Legal understands that safeguarding investigations can be highly challenging for all parties involved. Safe Space Legal has an exceptional ability to handle and de-escalate highly sensitive and emotionally charged situations. We are adept at creating a supportive and empathetic environment during interviews and interactions, ensuring that all parties involved feel heard and respected. Our compassionate approach helps alleviate tension, enabling us to gather information effectively while prioritising the wellbeing of those affected by the safeguarding concerns. Clients trust us to navigate sensitive matters with care and professionalism, in a trauma-informed and procedurally fair manner.

Safeguarding investigation process

1. Assessment and Planning

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific concerns and ensure compliance with any regulatory schemes. This initial phase allows us to tailor our investigation plan to address the unique circumstances of each case. We will carefully consider any additional risks to any parties involved to ensure that the investigation is trauma-informed and all parties involved in the investigation are supported to participate.

2. Gathering Evidence

Our experienced team leverages its legal expertise to collect a wide range of evidence, including documents, witness statements, CCTV footage, photographs, and any other pertinent information. We ensure that all evidence is properly collated and considered. We regularly liaise with government regulators and other organisations to promote information sharing, within the bounds of privacy legislation.

3. Interviews and Witness Evidence

We conduct confidential interviews with relevant individuals, witnesses, and parties involved. Our interviewers are skilled in building rapport to obtain information while maintaining sensitivity to the emotions and vulnerabilities of those being interviewed. We keep extensive notes, statements and transcripts of all witness interviews.

4. Response

An essential component of a procedurally fair investigation is to invite the respondent to respond to the allegations. Our investigators draft legally compliant allegations which withstand scrutiny and invite respondents to participate in the investigation process. We work with clients to ensure that the respondent is provided with ample opportunity to respond and objectively consider both verbal and written responses when making findings. We understand that being the subject of an investigation can be very challenging, and we ensure that our interactions with respondents are objective and supportive.

5. Analysis of Evidence

Once evidence is gathered, we carefully consider and weigh the evidence to make forensically astute findings which withstand scrutiny. As part of an investigation we may also utilise expert witnesses including cyber security experts and medical experts and liaise with government departments to ensure appropriate information sharing to inform the investigation.

6. Objective Reporting

We provide our clients with detailed, objective reports that outline our findings, the methodology employed, and recommendations for action. Our reports are clear, concise, and designed to assist decision-makers in making informed choices.

7. Ongoing Support

Beyond the report, Safe Space Legal offers additional advice and support on implementing recommended actions and preventive measures. We are committed to helping our clients create safer environments.

8. Confidentiality

Safe Space Legal ensures that strict confidentiality is maintained throughout the investigation process. All information shared with us is handled with the utmost care and security.
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Frequently asked questions

Conducting a Safeguarding Investigation in relation to allegations involving children and vulnerable people requires expert skill and must be trauma informed to avoid any risk of further harm to the alleged victim.  The investigation process involves appointing a suitably qualified investigator to examine all evidence including oral and documentary evidence in order to make factual findings and findings pursuant to any other relevant schemes, including the Reportable Conduct Scheme.  Evidence gathering may include the Investigator reviewing documentation, making information requests for further information, taking photographs, and interviewing witnesses including employees and volunteers, children and family members who may have relevant information to assist in making findings.  A vital component of the process to ensure procedural fairness and natural justice, the Investigator will provide the respondent with particulars of the allegations and invite them to respond to the allegations.

Once the Investigator has gathered evidence and spoken to relevant and available witnesses, and the respondent, an Investigation Report will be drafted.  The Investigation Report will detail all available evidence and the Investigator will analyse and weigh up the evidence to make findings on the balance of probabilities.

Once a report has been completed the report is provided to the organisation so that they can make a determination about any employment outcomes and to comply with any external regulators.  Employment outcomes may include further training, increased supervision and support, other risk mitigation, warnings or terminating the employee from their role.

The length of time of an investigation varies greatly depending on the amount of allegations being investigated, the numer of witnesses and other evidence which needs to be considered, and whether external agencies are also involved, such as Police, which may impact upon the length of the investigation process.   Some allegations may need to be reported to police, child protection or other regulators and this can delays outside the control of the Investigator and organisation.

Organisations may require permission from police or child protection to proceed with an investigation when other investigations are in progress.  Investigations can also become protracted depending on availability of evidence, availability of witnesses and availability of the respondent.

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With Safe Space Legal, you can trust that your safeguarding concerns are in the hands of safeguarding experts who are dedicated to ensuring a procedurally fair and trauma-informed investigative process so that your organisation responds properly to safeguarding concerns.

Our comprehensive investigative approach ensures that your organisation is better equipped to protect children and vulnerable people in order to comply with your moral and legal obligations.

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