Safe space legal safeguarding and child safety
"The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members" - Mahatma Gandhi
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Safe space legal child safety and safeguarding
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Safe Space Legal is the first legal practice in Australia to work exclusively in child safety and safeguarding.

Organisations have an active and continued legal and moral obligation to protect children and vulnerable people from harm. Safe Space Legal has the experience and sector knowledge to ensure that organisations are at the forefront of safeguarding within Australia.

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Covering Duty of Care, Safeguarding in Sport and Responding to allegations

Safe Space legal child safety and safeguarding

Sector Experience

Children and Young People

Safe Space Legal provides expert legal services to organisations working with children including schools, local councils, sporting organisations, early learning centres and kindergartens, religious institutions and family services.  

Aged Care Sector

Safe Space Legal offers expert legal services to aged care businesses, specializing in policy development and investigative support. With extensive knowledge of the sector, our team provides efficient and professional assistance for complex legal issues.

Disability Sector

We offer safeguarding services to protect individuals with disabilities from harm and promote their well-being. Our expert team strives to create a safe and secure environment for their organisation and the individuals in their care.

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Safe space legal safeguarding
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Safe space legal child safety and safeguarding

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