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We help organisations meet safeguarding compliance requirements aligned with relevant Child Safe and National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

Expert Advice

Our extensive legal experience, accumulated over five decades and complemented by practical insights, enables us to address issues related to child safety and safeguarding adeptly.

Assess & Enhance

Following a comprehensive audit and evaluation, we will offer the required measures to fulfil compliance obligations and enhance your organisation’s safeguarding protocols.

Minimise Risks

Your organisation can create a true culture of safeguarding and fostering genuinely child-safe environments through ongoing collaboration to identify and mitigate potential risks.

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Our lawyers are based in Victoria, servicing the Safeguarding needs of organisations nationwide

Safe Space Legal - Your Partner in Safeguarding Compliance

At Safe Space Legal, we work with organisations across Australia to ensure they are well-equipped to meet safeguarding compliance requirements and relevant standards for keeping children and young people safe. We liaise with key stakeholders and organisational leaders to implement Child Safe Standards based on the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations or equivalent state-informed policy.

Partnering with us means achieving and exceeding child safe standards compliance. From child abuse prevention to promoting culturally safe environments, we work collaboratively to integrate child safe practices into the heart of your organisation.

Advocating For The Wellbeing Of Children And Vulnerable People Through Safeguarding Compliance

We specialise in safeguarding compliance, ensuring that your organisation meets and exceeds the Child Safe standards. Our mission is to promote child safety across diverse communities, online environments, and in every aspect of your organisation’s operations. We recognise that achieving and maintaining compliance is a multifaceted challenge for many organisations. Our compliance-focused insights will prove invaluable for meeting your organisation’s regulatory requirements.

Our extensive experience in navigating complex compliance landscapes ensures we can assist in aligning your policies and procedures across all relevant compliance principles. Our team is well versed in the Child Safe standards, and we provide training, policy development, and assistance with recruitment practices to ensure your organisation is an environment where children and young people thrive.

Safeguarding Investigations: The Interplay Between Child Safety Systems
Children and young people are inherently vulnerable to abuse and harm.  Children have a right to feel safe and be safe in all environments.  Exposing children and young people to abuse and harm may cause long-term trauma and impact their growth and development.  Organisations must take active steps to comply with their duty of care to mitigate risk of harm.

Safe Space Legal Help Create Child Safe Environments

We guide your organisation in mitigating risks through practical strategies, embedding child safe values in your policies and procedures. Our focus extends to creating a Child Safe culture within your organisational leadership, offering tailored support services to assist your organisation in implementing child safe practices.

Your team leaders and stakeholders are welcome to participate in decisions affecting the safety and wellbeing of children and vulnerable people involved with your organisation. We will ensure that staff and volunteers have the awareness and resources required to maintain safe standards and that effective processes are in place for ongoing compliance.

Our Child Safe & Safeguarding Compliance Service

Policy & Document Compliance

We'll ensure the legal soundness and compliance of all policies and procedures designed to safeguard children, ensuring alignment with relevant legislation.

Compliance Audits

If required, our Compliance Audit process provides a meticulous review to ensure your organisation meets all legal obligations. We assess the extent to which your current processes reflect child safety standards and provide actionable insights to create legal compliance.

Evaluation of Processes & Procedures

Our team thoroughly assesses your organisation's processes and procedures, ensuring they actively promote child safety and are tailored to your organisation's specific needs.

Organising Training & Recognising Educational Gaps

Recognising the importance of your staff in implementing safeguarding principles, we pinpoint any skill and knowledge gaps within your team. If necessary, we offer tailored training solutions to address these gaps effectively.

Identification & Management of Risks

Going beyond surface-level evaluations, we accurately pinpoint risks and deliver strategies for effective risk management. This encompasses health and safety, disclosure, reporting, and preventing abuse and neglect.

Fostering Culturally Safe Environments

Our team will ensure that Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal children and young people involved with your organisation are respected and safeguarded and that children of diverse and unique identities are in a culturally safe environment.
Safe space legal children and young people

Safe Space Legal - Child Safe & Safeguarding Compliance Specialists

avigating the complexities of child safety and safeguarding compliance is a challenging task. Our dedicated team is here to offer specialised guidance, child-focused training, policies, and assistance to remove uncertainties in recognising, responding to, and reporting safety concerns related to children and young people.

As your trusted advisors in compliance, we offer continual support to ensure your organisation remains prepared for any incident and can assist in times of crisis management. Safe Space Legal can guide you in all areas related to promoting child safety by assessing reportable conduct under regulatory schemes, implementing effective risk management, and ensuring compliance with reporting obligations. We also provide an accessible support line at a fixed, affordable fee, offering crucial instruction and reassurance during critical moments.

Let us simplify the landscape of child safety and safeguarding, providing not only peace of mind but also proactive assistance at every part of your journey.

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We invite you to contact our team to book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your organisation's safeguarding needs.

Let us help your organisation ensure child safety, reduce harm and enhance responses - to positively impact young people's lives.

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