Ollie Corrigan

Ollie Corrigan Safe Space Legal
Practice Manager and Paralegal
Phone 03 9124 7322
Experience CertIVGovtInv. CertIVLegalServ.

Professional Experience

Ollie has diverse administrative experience across HR, accounting, event planning, and roles in both the IT and legal industries.

As a Legal Assistant and Paralegal Ollie has worked in workplace relations, discrimination, and child safety, including assistance with investigations under the Reportable Conduct Scheme, policy development, and litigation. 

Ollie has previously worked at top and mid-tier firms and uses their unique skillset to problem solve, enhance operational practices, and elevate the client experience.

Why do you work at Safe Space Legal?

“Having a value-aligned career is incredibly important to me, it feels great to be actively assisting organisations to create safer environments for children and vulnerable people. Bonus points for being able to do this alongside such fantastic colleagues!”

Fun fact/outside interests

Ollie has been a volunteer lifesaver for over 10 years and is passionate about making lifesaving a safe and inclusive sport.

Ollie Corrigan Safe space legal




  • Cert IV in Legal Services (2023)

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