Webinar: Safeguarding in Sport

25-10-2023 12:00pm
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Webinar: Safeguarding in Sport

At Safe Space Legal, we believe that everyone should have the tools and knowledge to ensure that organisations are safe for children and vulnerable people. As part of our commitment to supporting individuals and organisations to implement best practice in safeguarding, we have developed a free webinar and resource for those working in organisations both big and small.

Join Patrice Fitzgerald for an exclusive free training session that equips you with insights and strategies necessary to enhance the safeguarding practices in your organisation. This webinar is aimed at anyone working or volunteering in sport or recreation organisations, and organisations who offer sporting services including schools, councils, religious institutions, camps and family services.

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25th October 2023 at 12pm

Dr. Mary Woessner

✨ Special Guest: Dr Mary Woessner

 An Esteemed Expert and Researcher in Safeguarding in Sport Mary brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in safety within the sports industry. Her expertise will provide invaluable insights, practical tips, and best practices to make sports organisations and organisations who provide sporting services, safer for children and young people.

What we will cover

Understanding Safeguarding Fundamentals

Dive into the core principles of safeguarding and its importance in the world of sports and recreation

Organisational Responsibility

Understand the roles and responsibilities of individuals and organisations in safeguarding

Contemporary Insights

Get the latest safeguarding insights from expert Dr Mary Woessner who has recently returned from the 2023 Safe Sport International Global Conference

Child Safety Policies

Learn how to develop, implement, and maintain effective child safety policies tailored to your organisation

Unique risks

Understand the inherent risks associated with sports and recreation organisations and services, and take steps to mitigate risk to reduce harm to children and young people.

Why choose Safe Space Legal?



Safe Space Legal is dedicated to creating safer environments for all children and young people. Our webinars are free, accessible, and designed to empower individuals and organisations to take meaningful steps toward safeguarding.

Free Resource

All participants who register for the webinar will also receive a FREE Safeguarding in Sport resource to assist individuals and organisations to take practical steps to safeguard children and young people from harm.


Safeguarding requires a holistic approach. We consider not only legal requirements but also best practice, risk assessments, and practical implementation strategies to protect children and vulnerable people in your organisation’s care.

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