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Child Safe Environments South Australia

South Australia is guided by the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations and requires organisations to comply with The Child Safe Environments Program  which is overseen by the Department of Human Services in South Australia. South Australia has enacted the Children and Young People (Safety) Act 2017 (SA) to that provides a framework for organisations to develop a child safe environment for children and young people.  

A summary of the South Australian child safety legislative landscape is outlined below:

Safe Space Legal Child Safety and Safeguarding
  • Legislation requires organisations to develop policies and procedures to ensure a child safe environment and to lodge a Compliance Statement with the Department of Human Services (SA) for their review and approval
  • Currently South Australia has not enacted the National Principles into legislation, however the Department of Human Services (SA) requires the Compliance Statement to comply with the National Principles
  • Organisations across South Australia that engage with children and young people should implement the National Principles to ensure that organisations are exercising best practice in child safety and mitigate risk of harm to children and young people
  • South Australia has currently not implemented a Reportable Conduct Scheme
  • Organisations across South Australia that engage with children and young people should ensure that they provide a child-focused and accessible complaints system so that the concerns about child abuse and harm can be properly reported and responded to by the organisation, including conducting thorough investigations of concerns.
Children and young people are inherently vulnerable to abuse and harm.  Children have a right to feel safe and be safe in all environments.  Exposing children and young people to abuse and harm may cause long-term trauma and impact their growth and development.  Organisations must take active steps to comply with their duty of care to mitigate risk of harm.

How Safe Space Legal can help:

The team at Safe Space Legal have extensive experience working with organisations across Australia to ensure they are meeting their legal obligations when working with children and young people. Safe Space Legal offer a large range of services including:


Conducting expert child safety investigations which are child focused and trauma informed

Procedure Implementation

Drafting child safety policies, procedures, codes of conduct and complaints handling processes which are compliant with the South Australian Child Safe Environments Program

Training and Education

Providing tailored child safety training on legal obligations, duty of care, the Reportable Conduct Scheme, investigations and the National Principles

Compliance Audits

Drafting and providing advice on the Compliance Statement including liaison with the Department of Health to ensure compliance with the Child Safe Environments Program

Legal Support

Providing expert legal advice on safeguarding and child safety matters

Crisis Management

Root cause analysis of critical child safety incidents to improve organisational safeguarding and compliance with legislative obligations
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